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How long will my order take?

Print orders get processed when we're open, and generally within an hour or two. Larger orders may take longer. Photo gifts may take a few days. In either case, you get an email notification when your order is complete.

I asked for my order to be delivered, when can I expect it to turn up?

Generally within a few days.  Smaller / lighter parcels can't be tracked to keep costs down, but larger packages can be tracked from door to door.  In these instances, we can share the tracking details with you.

What's up with the postage costs?  Aren't they a bit high?

Perhaps compared to bigger companies, but this reflects the postage costs available to us.  We're an individual independent shop, so we don't have the luxury of negotiating a cheaper bulk courier contract.  Most of our customers are local to us, and collecting in-store will always be available as a free option.

Why can't I see a delivery option for my order?

This is fairly rare.  This is probably because one (or more) of the items in your order is too big (or less likely, too heavy) to be sent.  This generally only affects large frames that exceed the limits of what most couriers will accept.  We looked into this, and found that shipping such a large item can cost well over £30 for the shipping alone, so we made an executive decision that this is ridiculous.  Even the biggest items in our shop will easily fit in most cars if the back seats are down.  (Sorry to Smart car drivers!)

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