Passport & Visa Photos

Getting a photo taken for your passport or driving licence is one of those necessary evils we all need to do from time to time, and none of us particularly like the idea of going into a photo booth and trusting an automated machine to dictate how we're going to look on our photographic identification for the next ten years.  Add to that, the increasingly strict photo requirements expected for our passport photos mean that automated photo booths sometimes won't give you a passable photo, and if that happens, you're out of pocket with a useless photo.

We can provide you with printed photos, and also a digital code you can enter straight into the government website if you're renewing your passport online. All our passport photos are taken by a human being, and are checked to the requirements of the Identity and Passport Service (IPS), so we'll never knowingly give you a photo that's not fit for the job. But if for any reason one of our photos gets rejected, we'll take it again absolutely free.

In addition to UK standard identity photos, we can also take photos for foreign visas and passports; we regularly take passport (and visa) photos for Germany, Ireland, Australia, Poland, India, USA, China, and more!  Since different countries often have different requirements, please bring in as much information about the photo requirements as you can; if we know what you need, we can do it!

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